Tuesday, July 24, 2018

phaeton spider

rFR Grand Prix Series - Season 14 Review

A great season for me overall, I finished 5th in the Championship Standings, my best finish ever, and scored the most points ever in a season at rFR. It helped that many drivers abandoned their campaign and that there were 20 races total. Still, I went faster on tracks I've raced before and was clearly in the midfield during the races. I was assured in my race preparation and confident in the race itself. A far cry from when I was a backmarker and would finish a lap or more behind. Although I missed two races due to a balky connection, I made up for it with two podiums, a second place in Turkey and a third place in Monaco (of all places). 

Congratulations to Garri Grigorovich, rFR Seaon 14 Drivers Champion! Congratulations to Antonio Hreljanovic and Gustavo Montenegro, rFR Season 14 Team Champions!

Now that rFR is moving on to rFactor 2 I am without a league again. Either I figure out a way to get rFactor 2 or just find a league that still runs rFactor. There's plenty, just looking at all the servers available on Matchmaker. But I will miss rFR League; it is very well run with diligent administrators, great drivers, and the Sunday night schedule suits me very well. Right now, I'm thinking of just taking a break from online racing and just finish the season I started in Codemasters F1 2013.

Thursday, July 5, 2018


[05:15] in for a penny
[05:16] in for a pound
[05:16] this is the sound
[05:16] of falling dominoes
[05:16] who knows?
[05:16] the grown-ups 
[05:16] just make it up
[05:17] as they go along
[05:17] am i wrong?
[05:17] i'm the one who can't get it
[05:17] i am the misfit
[05:18] so i sit
[05:18] at the kiddie table
[05:18] this is my forbidden fable
[05:18] able but apprehensive
[05:19] silent but offensive
[05:19] i resist persistence
[05:20] i abhor existence
[05:23] we are subhumen
* /sound: no such file 'bullshit.wav'
[05:28] * /sound: no such file 'bullshit.wav'

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Yes nice
another shakedown

When I hit my marks
all concerns from boss to fans
meet in tragic levity

Advice for all sim racing newcomers
learn the ways of the track
honor your superior driver
practice whenever
worship lady luck

So those who are intrinsically slowed (like me)
may they find skill through repetition!
is such a thing even possible?

Could you be there
when this stone again needs raising
as mercilessly it rolls back downhill

Just applaud
nobody remembers anything anyway
even dinosaurs dreamed that

peke > lahat