Monday, October 8, 2018

insert laugh track here

Whenever I have evil thoughts, when I feel bad, when I wish misfortune on others, when I hate myself... I remember that I have built a Direwall that contains all the negative energy that I generate. It will never breach, I promise. This is my faithful farce forever.

For we are at our worst when we wish to harm residue.

So the metahuman and the ultraphantom engage in furious discourse. They can only wish it was a fair debate. Only mysterious benefactors create the truth. The main concern is my appearance. Nobody saw what really happened because the observer affects the event.

Brokenmirror mirrorflash flashbulb blights this world.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

an Invocation before Fall

In our world
Strangers come as different kinds

The one you do not know
The one you cannot remember meeting
The one you choose to ignore

and The fleeting

So I wish to remain
a dying ember to you
if only the worst kind

Maybe then I could find you
with pure conviction
and without condition

Will the stars hold their place?

This is why we Race
for forever the moment
but never the memory

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

cheers for beers

Just signed up for this six race series over at SRO. The Alfa Romeo 147 GT-R is way different from the F1 car I've been running the last couple of years, so this venture is gonna be more about learning something new than trying to win. I got about a week to prepare before the first race and I have done some recon laps. I think I can do well in this car, I just need maybe 1000 laps or more of practice.

They got a lot of different series going on over at SRO, but with racing games I don't have. This is the only rFactor 1 series on right now, so I have no choice. The races are scheduled for past midnight (2AM) where I am located and I have to stay up late to race. Still, after the long break where I raced only with robots, I am excited to return to racing against real people.

Sim Racing Online