Monday, October 30, 2017


Another DNF in the HSO WEC series. After almost 1 hour of intense racing I got involved in another lapping incident. I got punted off, spun, and hit the wall a few times. If there was a larger runoff space I might have saved it. I was able to make it back to the pits and get repairs, and rejoined 10 laps behind the nearest guy. The car just didn't feel the same and I couldn't get up to the speeds I hit in practice. And so, being concerned that I was just being a nuisance on the track, after about 90 total minutes, I decided to park it.

Years ago, I would have carried on. But back then, with the cars we were racing with, the speed difference wasn't so great compared to the leaders. And I was younger, stronger, and crazier back then. I was getting lapped every 7-8 laps during the start of this race and I felt that it was just not worth it to be a mobile chicane. At least, the dead pedal I installed worked well.

I'll probably skip the final round of this series. I need more training before I try an endurance race again. And maybe I'll run a faster car next time, too. Anyway, it was a good learning experience.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Nick Bourne

For Round 6 of 1982 World Endurance Championship over at HSO, we head to the revered Fuji race track in Japan. The old 80's layout here is a bit different to the 21st century Formula One circuit that I am used to, and since I am running a BMW M1 in this event, the car and driving experience is dissimilar as well. I plan to practice, practice, practice in the coming days to try and get fit for this big event.

The last endurance race I did in Mugello I had to park it because my body broke down. I don't want that to ever happen again. I modded a dead pedal to my rig, to address the leg cramp problem that occurred the last time. Now the issue is my dodgy internet connection. I hope it holds all throughout the six hour race.

So, I will have to miss another round of the Grand Prix Series over at rFactor Racers. And just as I had moved up to 10th place in the points standings there, too. It is a schedule clash, and there is nothing I can do about that. Online Simulation Racing, as it is, is already something only a few people enjoy. When you add the Endurance factor, then it really becomes special. That's why right now this race is my priority.

Monday, September 11, 2017

instigate inaction

Another endurance race, another DNF. I parked it after 54 of the 191 laps, just over a quarter of the race distance. As soon as the pace lap started I lost my nerve, then it was all shaky and skittish as I ran about 1 second slower per lap than I did in practice. The downshift paddle started acting up, refusing to shift gears arbitrarily, and I just couldn't establish any rhythm.

Somehow I make it to the first pit stop, but the short break didn't help me at all. I come out and rejoin the race and a few laps later I finally get involved in a lapping incident, the sight of a blue flag and a bunch of faster cars in my mirrors made me lift off the throttle at the wrong time and I get punted in to the grass. I try to recover but there was enough damage to affect the car's handling.

Suddenly I become aware of the aches and pains that I've been overlooking. My wrists had become jelly while my neck and shoulders were stiff. My lower back felt warm and my eyes were drying out. But the biggest strain was on my left leg, it felt like it was going to cramp at any moment, something I have never experienced before. It was from having to hover my left foot over the brake pedal. And then I remember I had a dead pedal in my old rig.

Anyway, I decided to pit in to repair the damage. Sitting there for a minute or so, feeling my body breaking down and knowing there were so many laps ahead until the checkered flag, I decide to give up. If I had kept going I would have just been a nuisance on the track and would have ruined the race. I have to improve my fitness and make modifications to my current rig before I try another endurance race.