Monday, December 18, 2017

The Fastest Backmarker

Well, I was able to hold on to 9th place in the Driver Standings, but Minardi lost the 4th place in the Team Championship. Both Marussia drivers put in a great performance in the final race, with Edex getting the podium finish and denying Arek the Drivers Championship, and Juris B beating me to 7th place and getting the 1 point they needed to advance in the Team Standings. So, congratulations to Antonio Hreljanovic, I think the first rFR Drivers Champion to defend his title. Congratulations to Mclaren, Antonio and Sexy Brigadeiro, Team Champions. Sexy had that late season podium streak to secure third place in the Driver Standings.

It was an excellent season with the Drivers Championship coming down to the final race. Attendance was not as good as in the past (even I missed a few rounds) but still usually with a dozen or so drivers in every race. I wonder though if we are going to use a new mod for Season 14.

Meanwhile, during the offseason, I'm gonna try out the F1 2013 game. After seeing the rise of FIA Esports Grand Prix I have become curious about the Codemasters engine and the 2013 version was what was available to me. I've done some test laps, and I still need to fine tune the steering response. But the graphics are amazing, and the classic F1 cars section looks interesting, and with the voices of both David Croft and Murray Walker the whole package really exudes authentic F1 product.

Monday, December 11, 2017

rFactor Racers Grand Prix Series - Season 13: The Final

So, it is down to the final race in Brno to decide the Driver's Championship of rFR Grand Prix Season 13. Only 6 points difference between the leaders, Arek Kulak and Antonio Hreljanovic. It's gonna be a tense week of practice and an even more pressure packed race event. With Gustavo Montenegro's recent podium streak / victories, he has pretty much secured his 3rd place in the standings and Mclaren's victory in the Team Championship.

As for myself, I am still fighting for 9th overall, and Minardi is looking good for 4th in the Team standings. Too bad, I had to miss some races because of my disastrous dalliance with Endurance Racing over at HSO, and connection problems at the start of the season. Definitely, 8th place and over 100 points total was within reach.

The last time we raced at Brno I had a huge accident. This track is one of the few places where I have not recorded a finish. It will be good to end this down season with a high.

Monday, October 30, 2017


Another DNF in the HSO WEC series. After almost 1 hour of intense racing I got involved in another lapping incident. I got punted off, spun, and hit the wall a few times. If there was a larger runoff space I might have saved it. I was able to make it back to the pits and get repairs, and rejoined 10 laps behind the nearest guy. The car just didn't feel the same and I couldn't get up to the speeds I hit in practice. And so, being concerned that I was just being a nuisance on the track, after about 90 total minutes, I decided to park it.

Years ago, I would have carried on. But back then, with the cars we were racing with, the speed difference wasn't so great compared to the leaders. And I was younger, stronger, and crazier back then. I was getting lapped every 7-8 laps during the start of this race and I felt that it was just not worth it to be a mobile chicane. At least, the dead pedal I installed worked well.

I'll probably skip the final round of this series. I need more training before I try an endurance race again. And maybe I'll run a faster car next time, too. Anyway, it was a good learning experience.