Monday, July 17, 2017

Death of the Party

rFR Grand Prix Series - Season 12 - Final Standings

Congrats Antonio, rFR Season 12 Drivers champion! Congrats Arek and Andreas, rFR Season 12 Team Champions! A great season for me, I finish with my highest points tally (100) and highest position in the final standings (7th) in rFR League. 

It was an exciting and challenging competition, many of the old regulars did not contest the whole season, while new drivers kept coming and going. After my big crash at Brno I was able to keep a streak of top ten finishes despite the fluctuating grid. So, in the latter half of the season I was able to climb up a few positions in the standings. 

Now, it is a one month break before Season 13 begins. But there will be test races every week so it is not really vacation time. Season 13 will feature 2 tire compounds and refueling, so a lot of strategy will come into play during the races. 

As always, I hope to improve and be able to challenge the fast guys. At least, I have further proof of my reliability and consistency. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

times we forget

A big crash at Brno and it is my third DNF this year (if you count the two endurance events I have done with HSO). My last DNF with rFR League? It was more than a year ago when I disco'ed at Spa in Season 10. Back then, they gave me the last point as I was classified 15th despite running just 1 lap. It's the same here again, as I was in 15th place when Gatis Stalsans punted me off at the start of Lap 3.

So now I am down to 10th place overall. Considering my own pace relative to the grid, and the grid size and attendance rate, I can be in 6th place overall. Coulda, woulda, shoulda... but that is why we race. At most, I've lost 4 places in the standings because I can't seem to put it together on race day. It seems I can't find any rhythm at all this season. I am able to extract my best lap during practice, but when the moment comes I am a bundle of nerves and I just can't perform at my best.

Well, we are past the halfway point of Season 12, and there are 7 rounds to go. There are still a few chances to score some decent points and maybe even get that elusive podium finish. Maybe I am just in that part of the story where everything seems to go wrong, and then the hero is able to bounce back and win in the end. I try not to be discouraged.

Monday, April 17, 2017

it's kicking in now

Do I feel guilt? Do I feel shame? If so, why? Am I really getting away with it? Sometimes, I thank the Racing Gods for making me inept with the whole romance/relationship/sex bit. I wonder how I could have dedicated myself to all this online simulation racing bullshit if I had been lucky in love.

The Outside World relentlessly programs me, but I also persist with my own coding. I keep saying to myself that I am borne of the Wild Country, that I am safe and ahead of all the malware generated by these sickly sycophants surrounding my Self. This Failsafe Device requires that I remain vigilant.

Good luck with that. You know the monster Feargrin grows beyond than the capacity of his cage. Vainglory's severed head continues to send command lines. Foolhardy still broadcasts on the public address. Quacksalver quibbles like an interlaced ghost. Only Automaton shows signs of deterioration.

Monday, April 3, 2017


Unfortunately, the Ghost of Sebring demands that I withdraw from the big race at The Green Hell. Right now, I do not have enough skills for a competitive race at the fabled track, so let alone the motivation. Sometimes, your talent level will only limit your desire. This makes no enemies, therefore can be seen as unfriendly. Do your laundry.

How long has it been since I started racing? Fighting with cars made of light and mathematics, against drivers from all over the world... Seems like nobody in the immediate area cares about what I do. It is just a hobby or a distraction to them. I guess, from the outside looking in, it really appears that way. Boohoo sobsob sobsob sobsob boohoo it goes: the train of thought.

WARNING : Time Dilation
WARNING : Cognitive Dissonance
WARNING : Mercy Paradox
WARNING : Insignificant Change

It's best to withdraw now, while it's still a week before the event. If any driver or team takes the car I had previously reserved, they still have plenty of time to setup and practice for the race. Tough to admit, but Nordschliefe has beaten me for the moment. Maybe someday I'll get in shape and try to tackle this track again. Contrivance can convict Lady Luck.